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What is Stainless Steel?

Stainless steel is a low carbon steel that has high chromium content. It is this chromium that gives the steel its unique corrosion resistant characteristic. The chromium content of the steel allows for a chromium rich oxide film to form naturally on the metals surface. If the surface is damaged chemically or mechanically the steel is self-healing providing there is oxygen present.


Why choose Stainless Steel?

The many unique qualities of stainless steel make it a leading contender in material choice. It may be overlooked in some instances by architects and designers because it is viewed as a high cost product, however over its lifespan stainless steel is often the supreme value option owing to its endless list of benefits:


♦Corrosion resistant
Depending on the choice of grade in response to its environmental setting, stainless steel is highly resistant.


♦Fire and heat resistant
Specific grades of stainless steel that have chromium and nickel-alloys retain strength at high temperatures.


♦Aesthetic qualities
The clean-cut visual appearance of stainless steel is easily maintained, contemporary and attractive.


♦Long-term value
The lifespan and long-term costs of stainless steel make an attractive and less expensive material choice.


 Grades of Stainless Steel
There are more than 60 grades of stainless steel. Common grades of stainless steel used in the industry are 304 and 316. Both are iron alloys with additional chromium and nickel. The nickel in 316 grades is slightly higher than with 304 grades. However the most important difference is that 316 grades have Molybdenum as an additive to improve the resistance to corrosion. Here we suggest use 304 grades for internal applications and would recommend the use of 316 grades for external applications.