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CUSTOMER SERVICE is as important as our quality.


Decorstainless knowledgeable engineers has over 20 years experience in manufacturing and designing, attention to detail is what makes the difference at Decorstainless. Also we understand that each customer is an individual with unique needs and expectations, and we will try our best to satisfy their needs, no matter where they are.


Bending,  Beading, Cutting, Punching,  Drilling,  Tapping,  Threading,  Flaring,  Machining,  Swaging, Rolling,  Welding,  Polishing,  Water Jet Cutting and Design Assistance are all services within Decorstainless capabilities.


At  Decorstainless, we welcome the opportunity to assist you in designing and engineering products that meets the needs of your specific application. Contact us today for more information in our company, phone 0086-532-66885839 or email us sales@decorstainless.com